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-When top dog was made it was made right,I have tried other brands and havent had the sucess that have had with this.Just put a dab of leatherwood vix Elixir,or Coyote Carnage with top dog and the canines can't stand it. Came in the mail 2 weeks ago and and have caught 5 coyotes and 3 grays.very impressed. Will definatly stick with TOP DOG!! Jared H.

-Coyote Trapping Making Sense of it All by Charlie Masheck is a great video, I learned a lot. Very high quality video and audio. - Justin M.

-I used Lip Licker two years ago. I had a buck come across one ridge, and up to the scent lure. I use a Pee Willie Wick scent dispenser. The buck put his nose on the wick. Needless to say I harvested the buck at 30 yards. I have used it the last two years and harvested does and bucks. It is a great scent. - Royboy

-Very pleased with Top Dog Predator Bait! I've caught my first Red Fox and Coyote so far! Like to thank Justin and Charlie for all the advice and getting me started! Thanks again, God Bless! -part timer

-The very best Doe In Heat on the market Ive used this for many years and will continue too Thanks guys you have helped me put heads on walls and meat in the freezer for years. - ARbowhunter

-This lure works very well me and my buddy just started using it and we are tearing the coyotes up would recomend its use to anyone. - cweb

Love the show!!!  Keep it coming!  I'm a new trapper and your show has inspired me greatly and given me some great ideas! - John H.

Hey Charlie, I bought your Coyote Trapping DVD, though I've trapped coyotes - FANTASTIC!  Many trappers act like coyote trapping is genetic engineering. - Ben

Wow, just got finished watching a few videos you guys have out.  "A" plus it keeps you watching and very helpful if you are new to trapping.  Will be passing your website out to all I know.  Yes, I am a new trapper thinking about getting into the sport just to have another thing to do.  Thanks for sharing and a lot of video makers should watch and learn how to make it enjoyable, from start to finish. -Benjamin R.

You guys are fast.  Just got out of the woods and the shipment was at my door.  Now I'll start playing head games with the whitetails.  - Johnny S.

Got your dvd on fur handling, very good video.  The camera work was excellent, the close ups on fleshing were really good.  Most videos show how fast they can process an animal and you really don’t learn anything.  - Louis K.

You would have enjoyed what I saw this evening.  I went in around 1p.m. EST.  Made myself a drag rag and wetting it with the Lip Licker a couple of times on the way in.  Made me a kind of figure 8 in front of my blind then went the opposite direction and came back.  I had 2 does come in following the trail I laid coming in and a young 8 follow the trail from the opposite side and all just about me at the same time.  I ain't got to tell you he decided he needed to start chasing them before I could get a shot at one of them.  I usually don’t have any kind of success with scents and lures but I got a hit on the first drag I laid down. -Gerald B.

I just want to say your video, "Making Sense of it All" has made me a better coyote trapper.  I started trapping 4 weeks ago and have made a big dent in the coyote population, I've caught 7 so far and plan to catch more.  You will be seeing me more in the future for more supplies.  Thanks for all the help and info. - Bill K.

Hi Charlie, Just wanted to leave a guick note.  Top Dog works a lot better than the other brands I have been using.  Since I received it from you I have caught 5 coyotes, and 3 grays.  I have found that the Vixen Elixir, and Coyote Carnage, along with Top Dog is deadly on canines. -Jared H.

Hi Charlie, Finished watching your fur handling video, I must say it is excellent.  From content, the sound, and the video.  I especially liked the cameraman predicting were to go next to keep up with you.  -Verlin L.

Just purchased and watched Coyote Trapping, Making Sense of it All.  While I can't say I learned a lot as I am an experienced canine trapper, I gotta tell you that the video was very well done.  Picture quality is clear, explanations are clear.  Camera work is excellent.  Balance of info and animals in traps is great.  Overall just an excellent dvd!  I teach a coyote trapping workshop a few times a year for beginners and I will be recommending this dvd to them. -Stan T.

Last  year I purchased your coyote trapping video.  I have only trapped raccoons in the past and wanted to expand to other animals, and I knew there was lots of coyotes in the area.  I followed the procedure you went through in the video and this year I have caught 6 coyotes.  This is my first year catching a coyotes.  All my friends who trap are jealous, and shocked that im catching.  I went into it totally blind,  you're dvd was the first one I watched on coyote trapping and I've had success, thanks to your video. -Brayton G.

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