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Leatherwood Creek Top Dog Predator Bait
Leatherwood Creek Top Dog Predator Bait
  Average Rating: 4 Stars
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  Average Rating: 4 Stars

One of the best predator baits I've ever used. I won't leave it out of my bait bag, EVER! Charlie has made one fine bait here. You will not be disappointed!
By N Biggs

Used this bait for the first time this year ,caught my first 2 Coyotes ever this year on top dog, had other set's out next to top dog with different bait, and top dog with black gold was their first choice
By Jsjhunter1

Last year was my first season for concentrating on coyotes. Top Dog was my primary bait. I had excellent results. Great product. I am a believer.
By trapper0415

Had freezing rain one night this past season, set had been destroyed thin layer of ice stopped trap from firing. Caught a red the next night on same set. Never had a dirt hole worked like they do with top dog!! Great Bait!!!
By Got Fur

Top Dog is definitely the top of the line. Tried several baits the last few years along with Top Dog and would literally not catch a thing on the others. Im sold and will never buy another bait but Top Dog Predator Bait.
By Trapper Kyle

Charlie Masheck has done it again. Having made a killer bait with all the attractive qualities predators live to die for. Coyotes, Foxes and Bobcats all have fallen for the magic within this concoction.

2nd year with top dog great bait several coyotes and several coon. I had to release 2 bobcats (protected in Indiana)last season using top dog great all around bait!
By offset

A very good bait--several coyotes in the freezer fell for it.. Not super tainted, nice gland smell mixed in. I use this in early fall and in warm temps. When it gets colder I like to switch to something with a stronger smell like Top Dog Arctic or mix in some pure skunk essence.
By Justin Meyers

I have only been trapping a couple years; but this seems to be a decent bait. I have caught several different species with it. I'm only after coyotes. I think this is definitely a bait a trapper should keep in their arsenal.
By MichaelJohn

When top dog was made it was made right,I have tried other brands and havent had the sucess that have had with this.Just put a dab of leatherwood vix Elixir,or Coyote Carnage with top dog and the canines can't stand it. Came in the mail 2 weeks ago and and have caught 5 coyotes and 3 grays.very impressed. Will definatly stick with TOP DOG!! Jared H.
By ark trapper

Very pleased with Top Dog Predator Bait! I've caught my first Red Fox and Coyote so far! Like to thank Justin and Charlie for all the advice and getting me started! Thanks again, God Bless!
By Part timer

Top Do predator bait is the best we have found. It works great to lure the dogs in so the foot holds can do the work. Especially for the amature, as we are. Thank You.
By Jules

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