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I am taking on the task of writing a blog.  I will write at least one a month and in some cases more.   Some of them will be completely current and some will be a little more random in terms of subject.  My goal is to help everyone become a better trapper.  And quite frankly, I will be learning too.  Sometimes writing things down gives you a little more time to develop your thought and perspective on your subject.  I hope it is helpful and as always I am open for comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism.  Thanks Charlie Masheck
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Recalling Experiences and Making Memories

Mar 4

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3/4/2016  RssIcon

 Long after the dust has settled from this past season, long after the fur check has been spent, long after the equipment has been cleaned and prepared for the following season, long after the successes and failures - we have made memories!

     Whether you are a recreational trapper, a professional trapper, or a  land-management trapper; you have made memories.  In my view, far more valuable than a fur check.  Our memory can even influence or affect future fur checks!

     I have trapped with my son Jake, since he was pretty much able to walk.   To this day he still traps with me; the experiences we have shared and the memories we have made have built a strong relationship and a tradition that will be hard to change.

     Memories are very valuable in the learning curve as well.  An accurate memory of experiences; both good and bad, can give us a new  base-line for the methods we use.  Recalling the past and not falling back into the same old way of doing things can and will make us a better trapper. As we become more experienced, the subtle changes we make can be the difference between good and great success! 

     Some of the best memories of my life are when I was young and just learning to trap.  Even to this day, when I make a  catch, for a split second it is as exciting as it was the very first time!  When you think about it, that's what keeps us coming back season after season.

     As this season winds down, I can assure you that many more memories have been made.  Jake, Justin and I always have a great time together and we all look forward to next season to do it all over again.   I can also say that the experiences I have had will affect how I will do things next season.


Until next time …

Charlie Masheck

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Re: Recalling Experiences and Making Memories

Hi Charlie,

you are right when it comes to making memories when trapping. I can remember when I caught my first red fox, and

that was in the early 70s. I have been away from it for about 25 years, but got back in it this year for the first

time. I only set 4 sets and we had lots of rain, then I set 3 more, and then 5 more after that. I did end up with

1-cat (house cat which I let go), 2 opposums, 1 red fox, and 1 coyote. It did not matter to me If I caught anything.

But let me tell you when that coyote was in that trap, $1,000,000 could not excite me that much. I guess you know

I had never caught one before! I will remember this one also, just like that first red fox.

Thanks for the help with the email information and the trapping supplys.

Another Hoosier Trapper watcher,


By Rodger on   3/5/2016

Re: Recalling Experiences and Making Memories

Great blog Charlie brings back memories

By Stewart on   3/8/2016

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