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Charlie Masheck, a trapper started Hoosier Trapper Supply in 1976. HTS is a complete trapline outfitter dedicated to carrying quality lures, baits, urines, traps, and equipment.

Over the years, Charlie developed the Leatherwood Creek line of trapping scents.  He has personally tested the lure in Indiana, Kansas, and Arkansas.  Charlie's most recent concoction; Top Dog Predator Bait has become an overwhelming success!  Leatherwood Lure has become the first choice for many trappers across the country.

Scent plays a very important role in successful trapping.  Who better to develop a line of deer hunting scents than a trapping scent formulator.  In 1981, Charlie started offering deer urines and attractants.  He wanted to make sure that his scent was the best available.  He also wanted to make sure his scent was sold in quantities large enough to make a difference.  HTS Deer Scent is available in quantities from 4oz. to a gallon with all the sizes in between.  His most recent addition; Lip Licker Deer Lure is the most versatile deer attractant in the HTS lineup.  Lip Licker rapidly became the #1 seller!

In 2011, with the help of Charlie's son-in-law; Justin Jett, HTS productions was started.  The first DVD released was Coyote Trapping, Making Sense of it All.  The second DVD released was Show Me the Money, Professional Fur Handling.  HTS productions also produces an online show; Hoosier Trapper Outdoors.  The show starts in August and a new episode is released every two weeks thru January.  A good portion of the show is actual on the trapline footage often following a daily diary format.

We hope you enjoy your visit at  Any questions, etc. just send us an e-mail or give us a call.  We will be glad to help you.  If you are in the Greenwood, Indiana area - we welcome you to stop by and visit our store.

The Hoosier Trapper Boys  

Charlie Mashek and son Jake

Charlie Masheck with his son Jake on the line in 2000.  This photo was used on the cover of the 2000 Indiana Hunting & Trapping Regulations book.  Jake was 3 at the time and still enjoys the trapline to this day.

Charlie Masheck, Jake Masheck, and Justin Jett on the line in Arkansas.

Trapping and the outdoors have always been my passion. Hoosier Trapper Supply has also been my passion for the past 39 years. We take great pride in offering the best possible customer service. Almost every order is shopped the same day that it is placed.

Have a Great Season! Make some memories and share your knowledge and time with a young person. You won't be disappointed!

Best of luck to everyone!

Charlie Masheck

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